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I choose to monitor who can read my personal entries. Drop me a comment and I'll consider adding you. Please tell me how you found me, why you think we could be good friends, and a little bit about yourself.

All comments from those who are not already on my friends list will be screened. Unfortunately, an increase in spam made this a necessity.

Dreamwidth: Dare to be Free

Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D

As a dear friend pointed out today, not everyone has all the facts on LJ’s fiasco. I’m sorry for not bringing you up to speed before begging for a move. 

I’ve been an LJ user for seven years. I’ve paid for at least one account for the last four years. I’m afraid LJ’s turning into an abusive boyfriend though. We love it, but it’s not healthy for us anymore.

Why Leave? Why to DW?Collapse )

Tl;dr: From xdawnfirex: LJ team members are reading and stalker-commenting on people's flocked posts, while you really understand that the new head of LJ, user IGRICK, not only isn't bothered by but is actively enjoying the shitstorm surrounding 88, while you grasp the enormity of the fact that LJ Abuse likes to suspend the accounts of people Abuse team members or their friends don't like.

It's not hard to move to Dreamwidth, guys, and you can import every one of your icons and comments easily and automatically. Dreamwidth has admins who actually care about its userbase - who respond to and engage with users and actually answer questions. I had a great conversation with Denise just yesterday, and came out really understanding a lot about social media and the way DW and LJ work.

Also, I know it's tough to think about leaving your comms, but DW is working on an option for comm owners to import their comms, with comments and everything, just like you can currently import a journal. And when DW says they're working on something, they MEAN it. I firmly believe the option will be available very soon. (Note from Clo: It was offered on a limited bases in the next news post – see, they follow through!)

Come to the dark side Dream side, we have cookies!

Aug. 26th, 2011

Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D
I finally got around to that flist-cut today. I cut about 25 people who never update anymore. If you feel that you may have accidentally been deleted and would like to be added back, leave me a comment and we'll talk.

If you can see my most recent post, you're still on the flist.

30 Hour Famine 2011

Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D
24,000 children die each day. Most of them die from preventable causes like hunger and poverty. Many of these children never get a chance to hear about Jesus.

More than 1 billion people go hungry every day. Hunger kills a child every 10 seconds. Some starve. Some get sick and their starving bodies are just too weak to fight.

This year, we’re focusing on some of the “hunger hotspots.” In Niger, one child out of every ten is in imminent danger of starvation. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, three-fourths of the people are hungry due to conflict and the rising cost of food. Ethiopia has had six major droughts in two decades. In Myanmar, 1 in 3 children are not getting the nutrition they need. I doubt I need to tell you how great the devastation is in Haiti. We’ve all seen it on the news.

World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine gives us a chance to make a difference. We will be fasting for 30 hours on April 29th and 30th.

Will you prayerfully consider joining me in helping a child in need? Whatever the Lord lays on your heart can bless a precious child. Just $1 can feed a child for a day. For only $30, you could give a child a month without having to worry where his or her next meal will come from. Even just $10 could help a child for a week and a half!

As always, all donations are tax deductible. If you’d prefer to write a check, they can be made out to World Vision. I’ll be happy to send you a receipt. Online donations can be made at  World Vision's Web site.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration,



Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D
...the Grand Re-Opening of icontest_ncis! Due to a variety of factors, icontest_ncis has been on an extended hiatus, but I'm delighted to announce that it's open for business once again. Our lovely new mod, moonshinefaerie installed a new layout today and there's already a new challenge up: Michael Weatherly at the 47th ICG Publicist Awards

If you have a moment and love to icon, go ahead and check us out:

Have a great weekend!


Attn: Lurkers

Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D
In light of some recent "[username] has added you as a friend" notifications I've been receiving, I would like to take this opportunity to remind those of you who are not mutual friends, that this journal is Friends Only. You somehow managed to miss the post explaining this, so let me reiterate what this means:
  • There are some weird people in this world. Some of them are awesomely weird. Some of them are not.
  • I don't want random people I've never spoken to friending me out of the blue for no reason. This tends to feel like the not-so-awesome kind of weird.
  • If you have some connection (even just a mutual friend or you happened to see my icons or fic), follow the instructions on my Friends Only post and either let me know that you're just watching for fic and icons or explain why you'd like to be friends
Obviously, this post does not apply to those of you who have let me know you're watching for fic and icons. If I already said it's cool, then you're fine. This is just about random folks friending me without a peep. It's not cool. I don't like it.

So, if we're not mutual friends and I haven't said it's fine to watch this LJ for the art, please do one of two things:
  • De-friend me
  • Let me know who you are, how you found me, and why you're here.
That is all.

Fic: The Love of a Good Woman

Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D

Title: The Love of a Good Woman
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Hotch/Haley
Word Count: 403
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers up to Solitary Man.
Summary: Post-ep for Solitary Man. Aaron struggles to deal with the family elements of the case's ending.
A/N: Takes place in my The Hotchners AU.  Aaron and Haley have reunited and are happily married.

They won that case, but it still felt like a loss.Collapse )

Fic: Saturdays

Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D
Title: Saturdays
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Hotch/Haley
Word Count: 347
Rating: T
Warnings: No spoilers.
A/N: Takes place in my The Hotchners AU.  You can read the rest by clicking the Hotch/Haley tag, if you want, but all you really need to know is that Hotch and Haley's separation didn't last long. They're very happily married.

Aaron heard Haley’s footsteps and glanced up at the clockCollapse )

Fic: Her Touch

Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D
Title: Her Touch
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Characters: Hotch/Prentiss
Word Count: 605
Rating: T
Summary: Aaron is awfully tense and Emily knows just how to fix that. 

Aaron loved the feel of her hands on his bare skin.Collapse )

LJ Beta Testing

Pemberly Digital Books • Lizzie Bennet D
Why don't I get pants as yummy as this

Nope, this wasn't supposed to make sense. Just carry on.