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Citymusings: Random Musings of a City Girl

♥ Welcome to My World ♥


c i t y m u s i n g s
My name is Clo. I am 20-something. I am a Christian. I am a fangirl. I love my friends, my music, and my fandoms.

c h r i s t i a n
God is just so incredible! He is love, righteous, holy, merciful, gracious, absolutely perfect! He is the most amazing God! He is so good. He is, as Exodus 34 says, “Abounding in goodness and truth.” What an awesome God He is! And then to think that He actually bothers with us, that He wants a relationship with us sinful, worthless humans, is just ... unfathomable!

f a n g i r l
My loved shows include Haven, Stargate Atlantis, NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, Dark Blue, Moonlight, CSI:NY, Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, and NCIS: LA. I’ve been known to enjoy some Flashpoint, Criminal Minds, Everwood, Bones, Rizzoli and Isles, and Fairly Legal too. I'm a little bit obsessed with my fandoms sometimes, though which one I'm most obsessed with varies.
s h i p s
My ships include (but are not limited to) Nathan/Audrey, John/Elizabeth, Ronon/Teyla, Steve/Kono, Danny/Kono, Mick/Beth, Alex/Lexie, Jackson/Lexie, Jackson/April, Coach/Mrs. Coach, Esposito/Beckett, Flack/Stella, Don/Jess, Don/Aiden, Don/Lindsay, Flack, Ava, Danny/Lindsay, Danny/Angell, Danny/Aiden, Adam/Jess, Hotch/Prentiss, Gideon/Prentiss, Morgan/Garcia, Gibbs/Abby, Dean/Jaimie, Carter/Alex, Justin/Kate, and a whole bunch of OC and cross-over pairings.

I love my boys - like Tim Riggins and Duke Crocker - and their bromances - such as Steve|Danno, Flack|Danny, and Ryan|Esposito also.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any recognizable character that appears in my graphics or fan fiction. They all belong to their respective creators and networks. No profit is being made off of them. I'm just borrowing them for fun.

My header was made by me using a screencap colored by the talented Rowleybel of Tumblr. Please ask before using my edit. The FO banner was customized by me, using a cap from gallicka. Please don't snag the FO banner. Both images were used with permission.

My resource post may be found here.

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aaron hotchner, abby scuito, adam/jess, aiden burn, alex karev, alex o’loughlin, alex/lexie, amy abbot, april kepner, audrey parker, ava, babies, beth turner, bones, books, bunnies, callie torres, carguments, carson beckett, carter/alex, castle, catherine rollins, chyler leigh, coach/mrs. coach, coldplay, computers, courageous, crime dramas, criminal minds, csi: ny, danno williams, danny williams, danny/aiden, danny/angell, danny/kono, danny/lindsay, dark blue, david rossi, dean/jaimie, derek morgan, derek sheppard, domesticity, don/aiden, don/jess, don/lindsay, duke crocker, ed lane, eddie cahill, elizabeth weir, emily prentiss, ephram brown, ephram/amy, erin strauss, esposito/beckett, fanfiction, fangirling, flack, flack/ava, flack/stella, flashpoint, friday night lights, g callen, gibbs/abby, grace williams, greg parker, grey’s anatomy, hank green, hannah/bright, harm/mac, haven, hawaii five-0, hotch/prentiss, hugs, icons, jackson avery, jackson/april, jackson/lexie, jag, jason momoa, javier esposito, jesse williams, jethro gibbs, joe flannigan, john green, john sheppard, john/elizabeth, jules callahan, justin chambers, kate beckett, kate todd, kathleen munroe, kensi blye, kono kalakaua, lexie grey, life, looking for alaska, love, mark harmon, mark sloan, mcdanno, meredith grey, mick st. john, mick/beth, moonlight, morgan/garcia, music, nathan wuornos, nathan/audrey, ncis, ncis: la, nerdfighters, owen hunt, pauley perette, penelope garcia, photography, plot bunnies, reading, ronon dex, ronon/teyla, sam braddock, sam hanna, sara ramirez, sarah drew, scott caan, scrabble, sga, sherwood pictures, stargate atlantis, steve mcgarrett, steve/cath, steve/danno, steve/kono, taylor swift, teyla emmagan, tfios, the band perry, the chronicles of narnia, tony dinozzo, travel, tv, vlogbrothers, writing, zola grey


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